NIT s Chassis Service Area to Offer New Bobtail Only Lane

NIT's Chassis Service Area to Offer New Bobtail Only Lane

Based on customer feedback and our commitment to providing high levels of service, we are pleased to announce the following change at Norfolk International Terminals (NIT), effective at 0800 on Wednesday, May 24:
NIT’s chassis service area (CSA) will be expanded to five inbound lanes from four
  1. The new CSA lane will operate as “Lane 0” (zero), located on the far left of the inbound queue
  2. Lane 0 is dedicated solely to the movement of bobtail trucks, entering the CSA to pick-up chassis
    1. Attempting to use Lane 0 for any other transactions is prohibited
  3. CSA traffic patterns are unchanged – new signage is in place to assist with the proper utilization of Lane 0
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