Group Code Dispatch FAQ

Group Code Dispatch FAQ

Q: What is Group Code Dispatch?
A: A Group Code is assigned to a per-designated group of containers. This allows the bulk delivery of containers being moved to the same destination belonging to the same BCO, Logistics Company, or Motor Carrier.

Q: What are the advantages of using Group Code Dispatch?
A: Containers assigned to a Group code are not dispatched by specific unit number.  The Terminal Operating System will determine the container that can be most efficiently retrieved for a given Group Code when the driver gates in the terminal. This saves the motor carrier time at the marine terminal because the group code allows less shifting in the stack to retrieve a specific container. Less time at the terminal means more turns and faster delivery times.

Q: Is there a minimum number of containers required in order to use the Group Code?
A: No. Any number of containers are allowed and can be assigned a group code.

Q:  Will the system use the Last Free Day to determine what containers are picked first?
A: No. LFD has no bearing on which containers are picked first. The location of the container in the stack is the primary factor for which container is picked for delivery to the motor carrier.

Q: What if I need a specific container that is included in the Group Code?
A: Specific containers that are ‘HOT’ or otherwise need priority delivery should be requested per the normal delivery procedures when the driver gates in.

Q. Can I specify the Group Code when I make a reservation for pick-up?
A: Not at the current time. We hope to have this option available by mid-2016.

Q: How do I set up a Group Code with the Port of Virginia?
A. Send a Container Group Codes Request Form using an Excel format as shown below to All POV terminals use this same email address. Confirmation of the email and the group code will be sent to the sender after receipt.  
Import Container Number Terminal Length Trucking Company SCAC
TSTU4041111 NIT 40 TEST
TSTU2023333 PMT 20 TEST
TSTU4507777 VIG 45 TEST
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